Worktops & Surfaces

Bring your kitchen to life with stunning work surfaces.

Worktops are an integral part of the kitchen and need to complement your chosen design. Whether you prefer the diverse choice of colours available in laminate, the natural beauty of wood or the hardwearing sophistication of granite, we can offer you a wide selection of styles and finishes.

We only work with selected suppliers, who offer high-quality craftsmanship, experience and professional knowledge in the specialist fabrication, supply and installation of worktops.

We can provide quality worktops for your kitchen project, in a range of colours and exceptional materials including granite, quartz, marble and ultra-compact work surfaces.

Concrete & Cement worktops

A popular, bold, contemporary choice - make a visual statement in concrete or cement.

Glass worktops

Clean, crisp, elegant work surfaces that bring a sparkle to every kitchen.

Marble worktops

A firm favourite. Choose this eye-catching natural material.

Metal worktops

Contrast other materials in your kitchen with these bold, industrial surfaces.

Plain worktops

Sometimes less is more. Subtle tones, shades and discreet surfaces allow other areas of the kitchen to shine.

Plain PRO worktops

Choose the fantastic detail on these high quality, minimalist surfaces.

Stone worktops

Natural stone surfaces work beautifully with other materials.

Wood worktops

Bring warmth and cosiness into your kitchen with stunning wood work surfaces.

Glass splashback

Glass Splashbacks

Super-smooth, waterproof and hygienic – glass is a great way to add interest to a kitchen and new dimensions to any room. Glass splashbacks are easy to clean and can be fitted as single splashbacks or cover a larger area in your kitchen, including cut-outs for electric sockets etc.

Splashback can be designed in your favourite colour, with motives of your choice or bespoke with your favourite image. Just speak to your in-toto Designer for more information.

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