Why do in-toto have soft close hinges as standard?

February 7th, 2019 - Posted by in-toto Solihull

Soft close hinges may be a minor detail in your kitchen that you haven’t even thought about yet however here at in-toto Kitchens we want you to know the importance of this function and why we supply this as standard on all our cabinets.

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Our soft close hinges are manufactured with sliding stoppers inside the metal hinge. These stoppers catch on the door before it is shut and aids it to close slowly and softly. These are sleeker and less noticeable than others on the market, giving you a small yet noticeable premium touch to your kitchen.
These clever objects may only be small however there are a lot of benefits to them. Soft close hinges slow the closing door and reduce the impact of the door closing against the frame. Not only does this make the kitchen much quieter, but it also creates a more relaxing environment, too. Especially with children slamming doors may be common which can become very stressful over time, especially in an open-plan living kitchen.

We want to take that away as much as possible and believe the soft close hinges do an amazing job in creating a quiet cooking atmosphere.

Another great advantage of soft closing mechanisms is that the lower impact of the door closing will inevitably reduce damage to the carcase, especially over a long period of time. Due to the slower closing of the doors, it acts as a safety feature as well, allowing you or your children to have more time to move fingers out of the way of the closing door. As well as slower closing doors, you also get slower closing drawers. The soft close hinges prevent the breakage of any fragile items inside.

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