Top tips for best cooker hood performance

July 1st, 2019 - Posted by in-toto Cheltenham

When it comes to using the cooker hood, we know that most people either turn it on when the hob is already on with pots and pans heated up ready to start the cooking or halfway through the cooking process when the meal is almost ready. Does this sound familiar? 

To achieve the best cooker hood performance it is important to follow our simple top tips

Top Tip No 1

  • Turn the hood on a couple of minutes before you start cooking. This is important to start the air circulation

Top Tip No 2

  • Leave the hood on for a little while when you finished cooking.
    This will help to fully clear the air from cooking odours


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Top Tip No 3

  • Clean the hood regularly to avoid any build-up of grease or fat. Simply check the individual product manuals for cleaning instructions

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