Planning your dream kitchen

December 5th, 2019

It is very helpful for your designer if you have a constructive approach and an open mind about your kitchen and think about how you would like to enhance your living space and lifestyle instead of just putting up with the same layouts you have done for years or inconveniences you discovered in your existing kitchen.

Thinking outside the box and establishing which parts of your current kitchen create problems in and around the everyday use is just one part of clever and intelligent kitchen design. A lack of storage, unused corner space, cabinets which are either too high or too low to use comfortably are just some examples of common problems that can be solved by working with an experienced kitchen designer.   

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When planning for a new kitchen people often disregard their dream and just look for what they think is possible within their existing space when really, looking at the bigger picture with potential bigger changes to the home could be exactly what is needed.   
A kitchen designer will have the expertise and knowledge, and the right tools to design the perfect kitchen if the customer is open and uninhibited with a vision right from the start.

Smart and considered planning can change the kitchen from a customer’s least favourite room to their most treasured space.
In many cases, people don’t know where to start when thinking about a new kitchen. At in-toto Kitchens, we provide you with top tips where to start and help you every step of the way.

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With a wide selection of materials and finishes such as gloss or matt, laminate, lacquer, or real wood veneer, finding the right product can sometimes be overwhelming. 

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Spending time in our showroom to take a closer look at our samples and understanding the features and benefits of the different materials can help in the selection process. Our computer-generated design images will then help you visualise your dream kitchen a reality.

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As far as budget is concerned, we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of high-quality products to suit your individual budgets. Quality does not have to be expensive and we want to prove that with our in-toto Price Match Promise*.

If you find a cheaper kitchen from a competitor’s store, simply provide us with a valid copy of the quotation including design visuals and subject to our Terms & Conditions, we will beat it!
If for any reason we are not able to match the pricing, you will receive a voucher worth up to £150 from us to thank you for the opportunity to quote.

Take advantage of our free design consultation worth £250 to get a quotation on your dream kitchen today.  

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