Open Plan Kitchen Design

July 3rd, 2018

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Open plan kitchen designs are popular because of their practical, flexible and social aspects, creating a calming atmosphere, whilst bringing a feeling of openness to your home.

Despite of the ability of space, open plan living still needs structure and clear planning. An ergonomic layout is key. To make the most of your available space, we recommend working with our experienced designers. At in-toto we can add value, logic and vision to your thoughts while ensuring the practical details aren't overlooked.

A working triangle for example, where your oven, fridge and dishwaher are within good reach of each other, can be overlooked in favour of quirky, unsual designs or eye-catching gadgets. There is little point having a well-appointed kitchen space that isn't practical or comfortable to work in. 

When combining your living, dining and kitchen spaces, it is also important to maintian definition between the working kitchen and your living areas. Kitchen islands or penisula designs can be used as effective ways to separate the individual zones. 

A well designed, high- quality kitchen will improve the quality of your family life by encouraging togetherness that makes your kitchen every bit the heart of your home. 

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