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Let your kitchen shine

February 21st, 2019

When planning a new kitchen, it is very important to also incorporate the best lighting options into the design. 

In many cases, customers focus mainly on the overall kitchen layout, storage space and ease of access to the most important items. The perfect choice of door colours and matching worktops is also important and where space is available, a beautiful looking kitchen island as the centre of the newly created living space makes the perfect kitchen dream come true. At in-toto, we want to make sure that your dream kitchen can shine in the perfect light it deserves.

Did you know that alongside natural daylight, there are three key types of lighting that need to be considered when planning out a kitchen?

  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • General lighting

Each of those types has its own specific place and function.
Do you know the feeling when you are preparing food that the light is just not where you need it to be? This is where “task lighting” comes into place. Discretely fitted under your wall units, this type is perfect to brighten up the under-cabinet areas, where we often find ourselves chopping vegetables or preparing meals.

Kitchen islands or glass cabinets are the perfect places to add “accent lighting”. As strip lighting in the recess handle rail, around the base of the island, or integrated into glass cabinets, these mood lights add a warm feeling to the room and set the scene for relaxing family evenings.

1.png 2.png

General lightings add the finishing touches to a beautifully designed kitchen and are often installed above the island as a set of multiple pendant lights or placed above the dining table in an open-plan kitchen and dining design.

At in-toto we work closely with leading Lighting specialists TLW The Lightworks.

Here is a fantastic example of a kitchen lighting planning process, provide by TLW The Lightworks. 

If you want to find out more about how we can set your kitchen in the perfect light, why not book a free design appointment with your local in-toto Kitchens Design Studio. 

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