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January 7th, 2017 - Posted by in-toto Leicester


Hyyge, Hooga or Higee, however you pronounce it Hygge is a concept that goes beyond definition. Hygge is a philosophy; and a way of life that has helped people understand the importance of simplicity, the elegance of slow pace and the beauty of good company. The question is how can we incorporate this into your kitchen?

The modern take on the kitchen is one that idealises the space, and values the aesthetic, and it is now a place for togetherness. With open-plan living growing more in popularity, the kitchen is now becoming the lifestyle room of the house and at in-toto Leicester, we offer various design aspects that can help bring Hygge into this.

A breakfast bar is a brilliant way to combine practicality with sociability, as it is a seated area that can be used whilst food is being prepared. Imagine this – you’ve just finished entertaining your friends and you’re starting to prepare dessert, while your friends sit at your breakfast bar enjoying a glass of wine with you. Alternatively, it is your mid-week family meal; the children are at the breakfast bar talking about their day, starting their homework (or playing with their phones) whilst you prepare the evening meal, and this multi-purpose use defines the sociability of the space.

Under cabinet, worktop and feature lighting are a subtle way to create that smooth and eloquent atmosphere that is ideal for quiet nights in. The option of dimmer switches and alternate switches allows you to set the depth of the lighting and in turn, create the ambiance you feel suits the mood. With the kitchen being illuminated from a lower level, it brings about a sense of intimacy bringing people together, introducing the true effect of Hygge.

L-shape sofas bring about a formation of style, modernity and functionality with a whole lot of personality. It is an ideal place for generating that communal feel to your kitchen which can be utilised in various ways. Picture yourself on a Summer afternoon reading your favourite book on the sofa, whilst the children play in the garden and a barbeque aroma flows into your kitchen. By creating space, you allow the enjoyment of the little things with your friends and family, ultimately defining Hygge.

The range of products and design concepts that we offer are ones that will exceed your expectations and requirements. We can create your dream kitchen and incorporate the desired feeling of closeness and community throughout your home.

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