Kitchen Storage - Some like it tidy

July 23rd, 2013

Kitchen Storage - Some like it tidy

Who does not like a tidy kitchen? But where to start?

Richard Fox, showroom owner and kitchen designer at In-toto Kitchens Yeovil said:

"The simplest way to create a clutter- free kitchen is to begin by making a detailed list of the contents in your current kitchen cupboards. It might sound like a tedious task but it will help your designer find the best storage solutions for you, making life much easier in the long run! Wheter you are a hoarder or a minimalist, the phrase " a place for everything and everything it it's place" should become your mantra when planning a kitchen. "

In-toto Kitchens, we make buying your new kitchen a pleasure!

In-toto Kitchens was established in the UK in 1980. With 47 Design Studios spread across the UK, In-toto Kitchens has become a nationally recognised fitted kitchen brand.

All our showrooms are displaying different kitchen room-sets with different design, colour and accessory options, helping you visualise how your new kitchen will ultimately look, from minimalist or contemporary German kitchens to classic, traditional English kitchens.

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