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January 6th, 2020

We are welcoming 2020 with our in-toto kitchen furniture Sale.

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For many kitchens, the festive season is the ultimate test where they need to withstand the high demands of catering for large family gatherings. Cupboards need to have enough space to store all the special crockery ready to hand when the dining table is set, the ovens are under pressure to keep the turkey at the best temperature and cook it to perfection, the hob has to juggle multiple pots and pans all at different heat for all side dishes and the gravy and the fridge is trying to keep a cool head whilst looking after all the beverages.

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Every year it takes a lot of effort to prepare the perfect Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

Come January, it is then down to the homeowners to do the kitchen performance review and in some cases, the results require major changes. You find yourself planning for a new kitchen to ensure that the next festive dinner party is a success.


We often hear from our clients that they did not realise how much time and planning actually goes into buying a new kitchen or arranging a full home renovation project. They are faced with considering how the finishing design will work with the rest of their existing home and colour schemes and what impact poor lighting can have to a room or a kitchen. In today’s internet of things, customers enjoy browsing for ideas, educating themselves and searching for top tips and best offers. However, the amount of content available can be overwhelming and instead of assisting the decision-making process, can cause confusion and raise more questions.


At in-toto we see this as an opportunity being able to offer our clients everything they need for their kitchen or home renovation projects. Everything customers experience from the flooring they are stepping on when entering the studio to lighting solutions, wall tiles or even radiators, our products and services are suitable for a full kitchen refurbishment project from concept to completion.

The in-toto Winter Sale is now on, giving you the chance to make great savings on your kitchen furniture and appliances.


Offer available for a limited time only. Terms and conditions apply.

Please visit your nearest in-toto studio for more information.    

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