Kitchen Advice: Things to consider when buying a fridge

February 20th, 2020

At in-toto we are working with leading appliance suppliers such as AEG, who are experts in the industry when it comes to cooling and refrigeration.

Are you looking to replace your existing fridge or are in the process of buying a new kitchen, including new appliances? We would like to provide you with some useful information about things to consider when buying a fridge.

SKK8182VZC   AEG in-column food centre with fersh drawer, available from in-toto

What fridge size do you think you need?

Your in-toto kitchen designer will assist you in finding the optimal size that best suits your needs, considering the size of your family and the space you have available in your kitchen. As a starting point, consider the following options. 

Do you prefer a free-standing appliance or a built-in fridge?
Do you want a fridge-freezer combination or keep the freezer separately?

Once you have established the type of fridge you prefer, you will then also need to consider the capacity.

AEG provides following guidance on fridge capacities:

The Fridge capacity is measured in litres:

100 - 150 litres – Suits a household of 1-2 people.

150 - 250 litres – Works well for 3-4 people.

250+ litres – Ideal for bigger households of 5 or more. 

Or in terms of full grocery bags:

93 litres – 5 bags of groceries.

200 litres – 11 bags.

387 litres – 20 bags.

AEG also recommend, leaving some empty space in the fridge so the air can circulate for efficient cooling.

What type of food will you store in your fridge?

Considering the number of people in your home, think about what type of food you are planning to store in your fridge.
For best freshness of fruit and vegetables, it is recommended to choose a fridge with deep drawers. Meat or fish is best stored in extra-fresh compartments.

SKE5822VAF   AEG Built-under larder fridge A++ available from in-toto
Are you a wine-lover?

If you like to store a collection of wine bottles, a separate wine cooler might be a good option to consider. You can speak to your in-toto Kitchens designer about the selection of wine coolers we have available for you. For just the occasional events, we suggest looking at a fridge with a wine rack, adjustable shelves or a built-in wine cooler.

Does energy consumption matter to you?

Energy suppliers become more and more supportive in helping you establish and monitor your daily energy use by providing smart meters or special control systems, to regulate your heating or lighting in your home.  

However, when it comes down to your kitchen appliances, energy efficiency is based on different factors. Initially, the energy use will be down to the product itself. For most appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers, you can also influence energy consumption by using the appliances in the most efficient way. This could be by making sure, you follow the user manuals and select the most suitable programs for dirty dishes or laundry that needs cleaning and use the appliances only when necessary. This could mean, not running the dishwasher for just a couple of plates or cups but wait until it is fully loaded or not run the washing machine just for one or two items. This will not only benefit your energy consumption but also have a positive impact on your water usage, ultimately all assisting you in saving money on your overall utility bills.  

What do the A+ labels mean, you see on fridges and freezers?

When it comes to your fridge or freezer, influencing the running time is a different matter, considering that these appliances are in use 24 hours a day to keep your food fresh.

Therefore, it is even more important to make sure they are as efficient as possible in their energy use. A simple energy rating system from A to G was implemented, to assist you in understanding the energy efficiency of the appliances, with A being the most efficient and G meaning a high use of energy.

The A category is divided further in A+++ / A++ / A+ labels, meaning the more efficient, the higher the A+ rating.  Although a more energy-efficient model maybe more expensive to purchase, the long-term energy-saving and other benefits, such as longer-lasting of food should be considered when deciding which appliance to purchase.

SCE8186VTC   AEG integrated custom flex no frost fridge freezer Twin Tech+available from in-toto

Find the right refrigerator for you.

AEG is at the forefront when it comes to refrigeration by constantly testing and improving the efficiency of their products. With a wide range of refrigerators available, from small, double, or large size fridges, you can be sure to find the perfect model to suit your personal needs and requirements.

AEG also developed the smart CustomFlex® modular storage system. This system allows you to arrange the unique storage system flexible to suit your fridge content. The drawers and trays can be rearranged easily for optimal storage space and easy access to all your items. For more information on AEG’s CustomFlex® system, click here.

To find your nearest in-toto Studio and view our cooling appliances on display, click here.

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Are you thinking of buying a new kitchen but are not sure how much it will cost? Check out our recent blog “How much does an in-toto kitchen cost”  with useful information about things to consider when setting a budget for your kitchen.

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