Kitchen Advice: Choosing the right hob for you

February 28th, 2020

in-toto classic kitchen with AEG gas-on-Glass hob

The hob is undoubtedly one of the key elements in every kitchen. Although manufacturers are constantly improving the functionality of supporting appliances such as ovens and warming drawers, hobs are still one of the most used appliances in our homes.

How do I know which type of hob is best for me?

Deciding, which hob type to choose will depend on different factors as well as personal preference. Here are a few things to consider when thinking of buying a hob.

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What type of hob are you used to and are you open to discover alternative products available?

Gas hob
Gas hobs have traditionally been a popular choice and still have their loyal customers who prefer instant heat and the ease of use. Adding to the popularity are probably also the finishing touches manufactures are applying to modern gas hob designs, such as the AEG ‘Gas on Glass’ version which looks great in traditional kitchens with a modern touch, just like this beautiful customer kitchen recently installed by in-toto Kitchens Leicester. Take a look at the full customer kitchen feature here

Induction hob

Induction hobs have become more and more popular in modern kitchen designs. With their invisible touch controls or the options to be integrated into the work surface, they create a seamless look and a perfect finish for minimalist kitchen designs.

in-toto kitchen with AEG induction hob

For those who cannot decide between gas or induction, there is an option to combine both types in one hob. With the AEG Mix Hob, there is no need to choose as it provides you with the benefits of both products, making it a great compromise if your family has different preferences.

What is the best size for a hob?

The size will depend on how you are planning to use your hob. To establish the most efficient type and the right size of the hob, it is useful to understand how often you use the hob and for how many people you are cooking. Do you have a small or large family, or enjoy hosting dinner parties with friends and family?

At in-toto Kitchens, we offer a wide selection of leading appliance suppliers, all providing different shapes, sizes and types of hobs to suit your personal family needs and requirements.  If you are preparing multiple dishes at the same time or regularly cook for a large family, the AEG FlexiBridge induction hob might be the one for you.

With the FlexiBridge you can customise your own cooking area and combine up to four segments whilst making sure that heat is distributed evenly.

If you enjoy cooking like a pro, AEG introduced the SenseBoil® induction hob, which detects rising bubbles and automatically reduces the temperature to simmer, allowing you to focus on your other dishes.

Another fantastic option is the AEG induction hob with MaxiSense® zones, where pots and pans have maximum space, as long as the cross is covered.

AEG induction hob demo cut out pan with chocolate

Do you have children and need to consider safety?

Especially when cooking around children, the open flame of the gas hob creates a hazard which should be considered when choosing a new hob. It also important to check the stability of the gas rings, to avoid pans tipping over when moving them around.

These are aspects where induction hobs provide a number of great safety features. With the flat and even surface, pans can be moved around safe and smooth and by only heating the area where the pan is touching the hob surface, it minimises the risk of burns during and after cooking.

AEG expert introducing induction hob cooking at in-toto Kitchens event

At in-toto we host regular cooking demonstrations with our appliance experts, where you can discover the fantastic features and benefits of the different appliances.

A great way to demonstrate how induction hobs work shows this image of melting chocolate in the pan on a heated zone, compared to the solid chocolate right next to it on the hob surface.  We recommend visiting your local in-toto showroom to try the induction hob out for yourself and ask for any upcoming live demonstration events.

What type of cooker hood is best for your hob?

The hood is just as important as the hob. Therefore, we recommend speaking to our in-toto Kitchens design experts to ensure you find the best matching hood for your hob, that does not only work with your kitchen design but is also the correct size for your hob.

Downdraft extractors are a great option for open-plan kitchen designs

Downdraft extractors are the fastest-growing market, providing not only attractive but powerful yet discrete options for modern cooking spaces.  

Visit your local in-toto Kitchens Design Studio to view our extractors on display and see them in action.

in-toto customer kitchen with AEG Combo-Hob downdraft exctraction

They are a clever alternative to the wall-mounted or ceiling hoods and perfect for unobtrusive open-plan kitchen designs. Adding to the sleek design of modern induction hobs, a downdraft extractor is the perfect addition to modern, yet functional kitchen and creates an opportunity for beautiful lighting solutions to complement the living kitchen space.

When it comes to the actual design or look of your cooker hood, we have a plethora of styles from different suppliers available for you. From standard chimney hoods, ceiling or integrated hoods, island hoods with special colour changing mood lights to downdraft extractors, we help you find a hood for every taste and every lifestyle.

AEG Combo-Hob induction with integrated downdraft extractor

Downdraft extractors clear out cooking odours and steam quickly, powerful and most important – quietly. We have a selection of downdraft extractors from different suppliers, including a fantastic range of downdrafts, integrated in the induction hobs.  One of our favourite products is the AEG Combo-Hob, allowing you to place your hob wherever you want it in your kitchen and not having to worry if it works with the hood installation.

Visit your local in-toto Kitchens Design Studio to take a closer look at the AEG Combo-Hob or our alternative integrated downdraft extractors and induction hobs and experience the functionality at one of our working display. Locate your nearest in-toto kitchens showroom here.

We also offer free design consultations where you can discuss your kitchen project with one of our experienced designers. By booking a design appointment, you can make sure that our team has enough time for you and take you through things to consider when buying a kitchen and what to expect when buying a kitchen from in-toto

Book your free design consultation here.  
We look forward to working with you from your first ideas to your finished kitchen installation.

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