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August 16th, 2019 - Posted by in-toto Cheltenham

NEW From Quooker: CUBE

Quooker is taking the water supply to another level by introducing the Quooker CUBE.  Do you worry about the number of plastic bottles being thrown away every day and want to reduce plastic waste and save money at the same time? 

Then the CUBE is for you!

Quooker cube

Equipped with a CUBE, the Quooker tap combines all these functions in just ONE tap:

  • filtered water
  • chilled water
  • sparkling water
  • 100°c boiling water
  • cold and hot water

The CUBE is ideal to cater for all your family and friends. Enjoy a glass of pure water or to make delicious lemonades and cocktails. The water and energy-saving and environmentally friendly,  Quooker CUBE makes plastic water bottles a thing of the past. 

Filtered chilled and sparkling water - The CUBE accessory can be added to any Quooker system and will provide the added convenience of filtered chilled and sparkling water.

Just like any other Quooker Tap, the CUBE is easy to use:

  • Push-wait-turn and the tap ring will light up blue for a flow of filtered chilled water.
  • Push-turn and the tap ring will flash blue for a flow of filtered sparkling water.

If you would like to add this or any other Quooker products to your kitchen lifestyle, why not visit or call our in-toto Kitchens Design Studio here in Cheltenham or visit your nearest in-toto showroom for more details. 

 A number of our customers have already pre-ordered theirs. 

Quooker cube and tap

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