in-toto Premium folding carcase

February 24th, 2020 - Posted by in-toto Cambridge


Discover the magic behind our in-toto Premium product.

One of the core features of our in-toto Premium kitchen range is the extremely robust, patented folding carcase.

It is cut from a single length of board, cut to size with V-shaped notches, which will later form the corners once cut. The high-quality production process also includes an 8mm rear panel, inserted at the right angles and bonded with the carcase. In the last step, the unit is folded together by hand, forming a completely closed, incomparably strong and uniquely versatile carcase.

in-toto Premium folding carcase manufacturing process

How does this unique patented manufacturing process benefit you?

The carcase is available in silver-grey or anthracite and due to the specially manufactured carcase that makes the units extremely strong and robust, it comes with a 30-year warranty. Not only that but, the special premium technology makes it possible to manufacture the folding carcase in virtually any size or dimension, regardless which depth, height or width is required. This allows breaking away from uniform kitchen cupboard size restrictions, opening design ideas to the most individual dream kitchen creations.

in toto Premium Stage Line Milieu_2 Manufaktur 175

View our in-toto Premium product

Discover German craftsmanship mastered to perfection! Find out more about our in-toto Premium product and see the product for yourself on display at an in-toto Kitchens design studio near you. Locate your nearest store here

Ask one of our experienced kitchen designers to show you all different colours and finishes available to turn your dream kitchen into reality. Taking a closer look at the in-toto Premium display will also provide you with more insight, why the folding carcase is so special, creating a seamless finish to any kitchen design and what interior design features are available for this product. The difference is in the detail! 

You can also see more about our in-toto Premium range in our product range overview here.

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