in-toto Kitchens customer case study

October 8th, 2014

A loyal in-toto customer based in Ipswich have updated their kitchen three times over the years and every time has chosen in-toto!

The first image (which is shown below) is of the original kitchen design bought from in-toto in 1987. An altogether more traditional kitchen compared to the current kitchen design trends; with white units and grey 'Cathedral Arch' doors. 

in-toto Kitchens customer case study

1987 in-toto Kitchen design

The Ipswich client chose to update the kitchen in 2003 and has since installed the original kitchen into a relative's house in Chesterfield. The 1987 kitchen is still being used today - meaning the in-toto kitchen is still standing strong 27 years later!

The second image (featured below) shows the 2003 replacement kitchen which was purchased from in-toto Ipswich in 2003. This time, the client chose an in-Style laminate kitchen design in Wild Pear.


in-toto Kitchens customer case study

2003 in-toto Kitchen design

The above modern kitchen design has since been removed by the client and installed into a house in Norwich, in which it is still in working order more than 10 years since the original installation in Ipswich.

Finally, we have the current modern kitchen design (below) that is featured in the customer's own home. This beautiful, contemporary kitchen was installed in 2012 in a matt white laminate finish and we're sure it will continue to "WOW" for another 30 years!

All kitchens were designed and purchased from in-toto Ipswich - an in-toto design studio which ran for 27 years, starting in 1986 until 2013. The closest in-toto design studio to Ipswich is currently in-toto Bishops Stortford, located at:

The Chantry
Hadham Road
Bishop's Stortford
CM23 2QR


in-toto Kitchens customer case study



in-toto Kitchens customer case study

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