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August 21st, 2019

ILVE introducing Heat- Steam and Microwave all in one oven

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In celebration of their 50th anniversary, ILVE has launched a brand new collection ready for Summer 2019.

The new range introduces the brand new “Ultra Combi Oven”  to  the UK market. Professional, functional and compact, this brand new oven offers three cooking methods in a single oven.

Using technology usually reserved for the commercial market, the oven offers an innovative combination mode allowing the user to mix methods: steam, microwave and conventional oven cooking together. Delivering nine specialist cooking programs, the user can cook in ways normally reserved for professional chefs.

Ultra Combi in Use

The Ultra Combi Oven combines the 3 cooking methods so that multiple functions can be used at the same time. Using the convection oven function with the microwave settings, food can be cooked quickly from the centre whilst the outside of the food is kept crisp- the result? Cooking times are vastly reduced whilst the quality of the dish is maintained.

Unique to the domestic market, the temperature of the steam oven function can be adjusted by 1°C.  Normally, temperature controls operate at 5°C increments; particularly useful for accurate sous-vide cooking. The steam function uses a refillable water reservoir, easily accessible at the front of the oven rather than needing to open the oven to refill.

Star Column Ultra Combi Cut Out

Using ILVE’s specialist E3 precision temperature control, the Ultra Combi conventional oven temperature can be controlled by 5°C and offers a temperature range from 30°C to 250°C in a durable 36-litre stainless steel oven cavity.  An additional temperature probe is also included, that is inserted within the cavity, and allows the user to check food such as meat at its core.

The microwave setting operates from 270W to 1000W with the lower setting being perfect for combination cooking with the conventional cooking setting.

ILVE’s brand new user-friendly TFT digital touch control, allows the user to adjust the lighting, timer, temperature and function in one sliding touch screen display. As well as being easy to read, and powerfully accurate, the oven is simple to control.

Ultra Combi Oven

With a two-speed cooling fan, the exterior of the oven is carefully cooled to ensure full protection of the oven components and control panel, despite high cooking temperatures. With high-density insulation and a stay-cool triple glazed door, the oven offers better heat insulation and lower energy consumption.

The Ultra Combi Oven offers professional culinary techniques and advanced technologies creating the perfect cooking conditions for the home.

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