Colour In Your Kitchen

July 17th, 2018

Are you planning to buy a new kitchen and can't decide on the colour? 

As much as we are all becoming braver with the use of colour in our interiors, it is still a big step for many to introduce colour to the kitchen. There are plenty of colourful small appliances and kitchen gadgets on the market now, meaning you can go for a safer option and install a neutral kitchen such as white, cashmere or light-grey and use the colourful appliances to add a splash of interest.

Delta 2.jpeg

Another way of introducing more life to a white or natural colour kitchen is installing feature walls, colourful splashbacks or a vibrant island to add dimension of colour and retain the clean and sleek feel of the kitchen. Bright colours can be striking but remember that you will be living with your kitchen for many years so unless it is your favourite colour, we suggest limiting extreme colours to elements of your kitchen than can easily be replaced and use muted tones for more permanent fixtures. People often take inspiration from a favourite piece of art and use the colour accents throughout the kitchen in splashbacks or worktops.

Warendorf classic with splashbacks

Colour can also affect your mood. If you enjoy cooking as a relaxing activity, introduce hues of green to calm and soothe or if you like a feeling of freshness and joy, add yellow tones into the room.

If bold colours are not for you, why not add texture and dimensions through light colours and complementary textures. Layering materials in the kitchen such as coffee and creams with dark or light oak wood will create a cosy and airy feel. Shades of brown can add an ultra-contemporary fresh look to a white kitchen. For smaller space, use lighter colours to create the illusion of a larger kitchen.

Warendorf blue

Whichever colour you are considering, speak to your local in-toto kitchen designers. With our endless combinations to choose from and their expert guidance you can achieve much more than compromise, you will find the perfect finishes that work for you.

Warendorf colours

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