Looking amazing is not good enough for us - your kitchen must work beautifully and offer elegant, stylish solutions for all those day-to-day challenges like lighting, storage and hygiene. in-toto have thought of everything.

Style with function

Kitchens are often a meeting place and centre of communication in the home. Be it around the table or along the bar - this is where people gather to eat, laugh, play and read.

It is the attention to detail that reveals the quality of a professionally planned interior design. A clear front without disturbing joints and a harmonic overall impression are important indicators. With new colour combinations, textures and designs in-toto kitchens has got everything to design the kitchen you can't wait to come home to.


Light in the kitchen serves many purposes from perfect illumination of the workplace to a pleasant atmosphere in the dining area.

Numerous made-to- measure ideas make illumination of the room a sheer pleasure.


Handles are constantly exposed to all manner of stresses. Ideally they should be tough in the taking and still look good.

We offer 57 handle versions permitting a variety of designs to the very high standards.


The special feature of our in-line range is the omission of visible handles creating an eye catching sleek design and allowing more freedom for movement in your kitchen.

Hanging storage

Short distances and personal convenience are essential for the kitchen workplace.

Our ranges can include these individually fitted railing systems, permitting rapid access to essential kitchen aids.

Vertical storage

The arrangements for storing and keeping those store cupboard items have to be at the top of the list.

Convenience and ergonomic considerations play a decisive role here. A good example - a full height pull-out in a tall unit allows easy access and a clear view of the contents.

Multi-level deep drawers

Made to measure: different planning heights can be realised.

Floor to ceiling solutions make full use of the available space accommodating deluxe deep drawers concealed behind wide-hinged doors. There are clever deep pull-outs especially suitable for tall bottles, and hidden interior cutlery drawers help keep kitchen designs looking sleek.

Drawer interiors

It's behind the doors and drawer fronts that you find those clever touches. Whether it is extra large drawers or cleverly placed appliances - you can choose from a range of storage systems for drawers and pull-outs.

Internal dividers in solid wood or plastic can be arranged to suit your requirements. Whether plate holder systems or extra wide cutlery inserts with non-slip function - anything is possible.

Hygienic storage

Hygienically stowed away: the area reserved for waste separation and cleaning agents has to endure a great deal every day. Good organisation is essential here.

Hinges and fixtures

Robust wide angle hinges open conveniently with an angle of 110 degrees. Wall unit fixtures are concealed from view by caps inside the unit.

Grid system

Every home and every room is different. Our Grid system creates almost unlimited possibilities for planning your personal kitchen.

A vast selection of widths and depths forms the basis for living and working as required. If necessary, we will also build the units in special sizes. Discover this new generation of kitchens.

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