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Perfectly coordinated components.

BORA system products complement the product ranges to create a harmonious all-round system for recirculation and exhaust air solutions. The perfectly aligned components offer you optimum performance and a 100% functional guarantee.

The BORA Principle...

BORA offers perfectly coordinated components – from the cooktop extractor system to the wall sleeve and the recirculation filter. Because only a complete system can guarantee optimal performance to the client.

With an effective extractor system you can cook as if you were in the fresh air - by reaching a 100 % cleanrate. Measurements of a cleanrate procedure prove: A 100 % cleanrate for BORA - a result the conventional extractor hoods can only dream of.

BORA Professional 2.0 range features

Intelligent control knob

The perfect combination of classic, simple knob control and the possibilities of an integrated touch surface and digital display. The different functions are accessed centrally via the intelligent control knob made of high-quality stainless steel.

Automatic cover flap

The cover flap opens and closes automatically when the extractor is operated. Thanks to the integrated sensor, accidental trapping of finger during closing is safely avoided. When switching off, the system is fully closed.

Minimum Volume

Thanks to the low-noise fan integrated in the plinth area of the kitchen, the extractor remains silent even at high power levels. There is no distraction while cooking and conversations are not disturbed.

Automatic extractor control

The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to current cooking conditions. There’s no need for constant manual adjustment, which means you can focus fully on your cooking.

Oversized 4 24 cooking surface

With extra-deep 54cm cooktops, BORA Professional gives you even more room to cook. Even 2 large pots can be easily placed one behind the other.

Modular system

BORA offers a wide range of cooktops, from surface induction to gas cooktops or Tepan stainless steel grills, which can be freely combined with the extraction system. Combinations with one, three or more cooktops are also easily achievable.

Accurate temperature control

The Tepan stainless steel grill offers top performance, 2 large grill areas and unique, precise temperature control. The required temperature can be set directly and is accurately displayed and maintained. Rapid heating to 250 C in under 5 minutes saves time and energy.

Variable heat retention function

You can choose from 3 heat retention levels with different temperature levels depending on how or what you are cooking. This means that you can keep your food warm at an optimum, constant temperature without any danger of burning it.

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